Hide classifications so they can no longer be seen by users

1) Go To Database Configuration
2) Add a field to classstructure to mark a Classification as obsolete/inactive/etc:

3) Go to the Application Designer.
4) Open the Classifications application and add field called Inactive:

5)Go to the Conditional Expression Manager application.
6) Create a conditional expression to hide a classification marked as Inactive:

7) Go To the security groups application and create a new Global Data Restriction so all users are only allowed to retrieve
classifications that are not marked as inactive.

Note: if you only wanted this to apply to certain security groups, you could add this restriction as a data restriction for specific security groups in the Security Group application.
Also, you can choose to fill in the Application field or not. If you do not fill this field in, the restriction will apply to all applications, but if you specify an application, the restriction will only apply to the specific application:

8) Go to the Classifications Application and mark a classification as Inactive:

9) The classification is no longer available for selection in the Classify dialog:

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