ADMA5014E: The installation of application MAXIMO failed


Deployment fails for maximo.ear file in WebSphere.


After uninstalling and reinstalling the Maximo application, the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console displays the following:

If there are enterprise beans in the application, the EJB deployment
process can take several minutes. Do not save the configuration until
the process completes.
Check the SystemOut.log on the deployment manager or server where the
application is deployed for specific information about the EJB
deployment process as it occurs.
ADMA5016I: Installation of MAXIMO started.
A composition unit with name MAXIMO already exists. Select a different application name.
ADMA5011I: The cleanup of the temp directory for application MAXIMO is complete.
ADMA5014E: The installation of application MAXIMO failed.
The installation of application MAXIMO failed.


Occasionally after uninstalling the MAXIMO application, the directory at /config/cells//applications director will still contain the MAXIMO.ear directory.

By default , this directory is located at C:\Program

For another possible cause of this error, see the link below .

Resolving the problem

Delete the /config/cells//applications/MAXIMO.ear directory.
Redeploy the MAXIMO ear file.

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