Configuring Maximo in Internet Explorer to use the file prompt for attaching files that are not being uploaded

There have been security changes in more recent browsers that prevent us from using the file select prompter when the user wants to attach a file but NOT upload it.  Because of this, now when the user chooses not to upload the file to the server, the file prompter is replaced by a text box.  In this text box the user must enter the full file path and file name manually.  This is not controlled by Maximo Asset Management; it is based on browser security tightening. 
In Firefox there is no way to change that behavior.  However, in Internet Explorer we can allow the user to retain the usage of the file prompter. There is a new system property added mxe.doclink.usefileprompt to enable a browse button to select file attachments that are not copied to the default location.
To retain use of the file prompter, complete the following steps:
  1. Locate the mxe.doclink.usefileprompt property.
  2. Set the property to 1 to display the browse button on Internet Explorer. (The browse button will not work on Firefox.)
  3. Additionally, complete the following steps to change an Internet Explorer security setting on the client machine:
    1. Navigate to Tools > Internet Options.
    2. On the Security tab select the zone you want.
    3. Click Custom Level.
    4. Under Miscellaneous, select Enable for the following property:
Include local directory path when uploading files to a server.

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