Deleting an Application in Maximo

As a developer in Maximo, you end up either creating a new app (in app designer) to test something, or cloning existing apps. However, you probably noticed that there isn’t an option to delete an application. As it turns out, to delete an application in Maixmo, you have do to it from the database. Here is how.
What you will need:
·         Name of the application. This must be an all caps. In the code below, replace {MYAPP} with the name of your application.
·         Name of the module you placed your app under. In the code below, replace {MODULENAME} with the name of the module you used.
·         A tool for running SQL statements against the database.
·         DELETE rights to the following tables in the Maximo schema/database:
So now the fun begins. Execute the following statements:
   1:  DELETE FROM maxapps WHERE app='{MYAPP}';
   2:  DELETE FROM maxpresentation WHERE app='{MYAPP}';
   3:  DELETE FROM sigoption WHERE app='{MYAPP}';
   4:  DELETE FROM applicationauth WHERE app='{MYAPP}';
   5:  DELETE FROM maxlabels WHERE app='{MYAPP}';
   6:  DELETE FROM maxmenu WHERE moduleapp='{MYAPP}' AND
       menutype !='MODULE';
   7:  DELETE FROM maxmenu WHERE moduleapp='{MODULENAME}'
       AND elementtype='APP' AND keyvalue='{MYAPP}';
   8:  DELETE FROM appdoctype WHERE app= '{MYAPP}';
Now just stop and start the application server and the application is gone. Now wasn’t that simple. As you execute each statement, they may not find any records to delete. Also, if you added any system XMLs for your app (like lookups), then you will need to export the System XML and manually remove them and then re-import. (Or just import the copy of the system XML you should have made before you started your changes.)

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