Error CTGIN9053E reported when using the middleware installation program


When using the middleware installation program, an error similar to the following is displayed:

CTGIN9053E: The partition /data has 100618240 bytes free space, but the
deployment plan requires 1073741824 bytes free space on that partition.
Increase available space in /data.

In this scenario, the middleware installation program was launched from the /data directory, but was not selected as the destination directory for the installation.

Resolving the problem

This error occurs when the middleware installation program is started from a directory that does not include the free space required to install the middleware selected. This error will be reported even if you select a different file system to install the middleware into that does have sufficient space.
The solution to this error is to start the middleware installation program from the same partition as the default home location for users. For example, /home.

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