Email Interaction Setup Using Workflow

Steps to setup Email Interaction:
1. Create an Email Listener record mx4mail
Workflow Process = MFMAILRCV
Cron Task Name = LSNRCRON
Cron Task Instance = LSNR3
email interaction setup WFWO

Crontask instance LSNR3 is active in the Cron Task Setup application:

2. Build a workflow process in Workflow Designer to reinforce a business process:

For example: Create a workflow process called MFMAILWF
Newly created work order record will go to Financial Approval 1
If the estimated labor cost is greater than $500, then it will go to Financial approver 2
Then someone will perform some safety check:

3. Create a record in the Email Interaction Setup application:

Attach a communication template

1. create a new work order in Work Order Tracking application
Route the record to workflow via the Route Workflow icon:

2. Wilson receives email in his in-box since he is the originator of the work order

option 1 - I approve this work order. Route to next step in workflow.
option 2 - Cancel this work order

3. Reply with 1:

4. Wilson receives some email that says the workflow assignment has been approved

Wilson receives another email with
option 1 - Initiate work - in progress
option 2 - Cancel this WO

5. Reply with 1 in the body:
i.e. Get Safety and Permit Approval

6. Wilson receives some email that says the workflow assignment has been approved:

7. Reply with 1:

8. Work Order 1275 has been changed to INPRG status

Go to select action menu > workflow > view workflow history:

This work order record has gone through the entire workflow without having a user logged into Maximo.

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