DB2 Backup and Restore Commands

Take an OFFLINE backup 
db2 connect to
db2 quiesce database immediate force connections
db2 connect reset
db2 backup database to compress without prompting
after backup completes:
db2 connect to
db2 unquiesce database
db2 connect reset
Take an ONLINE Backup
db2 backup db to online compress
or use a background process on a linux/unix machine
nohup db2 backup db to online compress &
List recent backups and where they are stored
=>db2 list history backup all for
Check the integrity of a backup image
Restore from Incremental Backup Automatic
=>db2 restore db  incremental automatic taken at
If you need to restore an incremental backup manually this command will give you the required previous backups.
=>db2ckrst -d -t

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