Run an .exe file from an Escalation in Maximo

An escalation may be set up in order to run an executable file at a specified interval of time.
The steps are:
1. Log in into Maximo as maxadmin user.
2. Go to -> System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Escalations
Create a new escalation with the following information:
Escalation: autonumber; description: any;
Schedule: 1m – just for the test case, otherwise the needed interval;
Check “Create Successful Execution Entry” check box.
3. On the Escalation Points tab, click New Row;
Make sure to set
-Elapsed Time Interval to a value of -1 DAY (a negative value will indicate a time period in the future)
-Repeat check box checked.
4. On the Action tab, click New Row;
5. Action -> Go to Actions application
6. On Action application, create new Action, with the following information:
Action: autonumber ; description: ;
Object: ACTION
Type: Command Line Executable
Value: C:WINDOWSSystem32notepad.exe (or any .exe file you want to be launched)
Accessible From: ALL
This new Action will automatically be assigned to an Action Group, which is visible on the escalation tab under the Actions section (upper right corner), and it’s also present in the Actions application. It is essential in order for the executable to be run only once that the Action running the .exe file is only present once as Member in the ACTIONGROUP table.
7. Save Action;
8. “Return With Value” to Escalation application
9. Save Escalation
10. Select Action -> Validate; (should display a pop-up with “Validation successful.”)
11. Select Action -> Activate/Deactivate Escalation (should set the escalation to Active)
12. Save.
13. Log out/ Log back in.
Wait for 1 or 5 minutes, depending on time scheduled on the escalation.
The executable should be launched.

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